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05 April 2008 @ 07:50 pm
Thank yous, Kudos and Acknowledgements  
This ought to have been done in our game-closing announcement, but honestly we were too emotional ourselves to cover all our bases.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Everyone has been a wonderful, creative, driving force behind this game. Many of you have thanked us for allowing or encouraging you to develop more character depth than you knew yourselves capable of. Let us throw that thanks back onto you! This game would never have been so rich, so enduring and so well-loved if not for the creativity, depth and love you have brought to each of your characters.

There are some individuals who have gone above and beyond the "just roleplaying" call of duty, and we want to especially acknowledge them.

Fuji - you have been with us from the very near beginning. You gave us Prophet Sports and Quidditch tournaments complete with scores and game reports and entire schedules of Professional games, House team games and Secondary team games, for two full seasons, even when the game at-large ignored the effort more often than not. You orchestrated our first ever player-run "major plot" with the attack at the Leaky Cauldron and followed through with patience,leadership and skill.

Eve - you have been with us from the start, and supported us with dignity and grace and encouragement when the game suffered its first major "Drama Blow" and attempted coup that threatened to rip us apart at the seams. Your sweet comfort and gentle strength helped get us through a period that might have ended the game scarcely five months into its inception.

Christie - you were among the first to answer our first cries for 'help' when the game grew to such a point that the admin team was all but buried under administrative duties. Though your own life was busy at home, school, work and even helping to admin another game, you took on the responsibility of checking everyone's activity level every two weeks for the entire game. During that process, you fixed tags, let us know when tags were broken, and always, ALWAYS offered yourself and your character for plotting or interaction when someone was new and uncertain. Your actions were quiet and 'behind the scenes', unnoticed by your fellow players, but they relieved us of a huge burden and helped keep game activity at an optimal level.

Amanda - you were not the first to try to tackle the Behemoth that is the Synopsis, but you were the longest and most dedicated. When others offered and then fizzled after a few rounds, you stepped up to the plate and turned it in week after week, even when your personal and school life was chaos. When you could not do it alone anymore, rather than dump it and forget it, you actively sought others to help you. We appreciate the responsibility and maturity that shows, when no one would have blamed you for just turfing the task back to the admin team or allowing it to flounder. You also were among the first to take the initiative to help us advertise on 'character seeking games' sites and significantly aided our recruiting.

Jessie - you answered Amanda's need for assistance and cheerfully took up they Synopsis composition without complaint, again though you have a heavy work load with teaching and your own life. With Christie, you and Amanda helped keep game-tags accurate - despite the 'primary' admin's notorious inability to tag her own damn threads. (sheepish wince) When we tried to improve game organisation by 'fixing' the tags, you went back through TWO FULL YEARS of game entries and helped us remove 'incomplete' tags and update missing ones.

Kimberly - despite being with us for a relatively short game-time, you have shown leadership and perseverance. We almost lost you because of the hiatus, and yet when you committed yourself to stay, you committed with your whole heart. You took up the cry for advertising help with enthusiasm and dedication. Not only did you help bring in new players, but you were quick to help immerse them into rich plots and long-range goals. You have not only suggested broad reaching plots, but when handed the reigns and given the 'go ahead' to do them, you have demonstrated leadership and perseverance to guide them forward.

To all of you:

Thank you to everyone who has ever written an article for the Daily Prophet or run a plot, large or small. Thank you to everyone who has taken time to meet their fellow players with respect and friendliness to make us one of the least 'clique-y' games I have ever been part of. Thank you to everyone who has ever interacted with our characters on any level. Every time you touched us, you brought depth to our characters, too, as well as the world at large.

We truly do appreciate each and every one of you. We understand, intimately, how thoroughly a well-loved character comes to life and becomes a part of oneself. We understand, deeply, how hard it is to let go and move on. We sincerely hope that the gentle wind-down period will allow everyone time to release the game in love and fond memories, whatever you do from here.

Administrative Details

As said before, we will facilitate wind down as much as possible. Please feel free to 'power play' those sorts of things the Ministry-controlled Admin characters might usually have done. Sam - if it is 'time' for Lucius' spectacular and heroic capture and 'turn in' of Antonin Dolohov to result in his freedom from the Registry, go ahead and power-play that or assume it to have happened to allow you to move forward with plot-plans.

Articles, Synopsis, or other things that might need to be posted to the game through the admin account can still be sent to the Admin Team email and we will still post them. We are aware that sometimes when people are hurt, angry or otherwise upset, the temptation might be great to cause something of a 'mess', and because of our great love for this game and all the effort EVERYONE has put into it, we are committed to making sure that does not happen, here.

We want Fiery Inception to stand for a long, long time to come, so that anyone who wishes can come back and reread old threads or what have you.

Thank you, again, deeply and a thousand times over, for joining us along for this ride, sometimes carrying us away completely.

With love,
Lisa, JL and Adrianne