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18 June 2006 @ 08:17 pm
What do you mean you didn't know Harry had Crucio'd Remus?  
If that question just made you do a double take...then man, did we ever forget to let you guys in on some stuff!

Once upon a time, there were six admins creating a game who wanted to set up the back story for said game a bit before it went live. There were things that needed to be explained that just...weren't. Things like why in all hell are Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy getting along? Why would Remus let the pack move in with Snape if he killed Dumbledore? How did the Trio find out where the Horcruxes were? How did Harry learn the Unforgivables to kill Voldemort? How did Harry kill Voldemort anyhow?

Instead of writing a summary of these things...we actually played them out. (No, we weren't jonesing to RP our characters before the game started or anything. Not at all.) While these have all been linked ingame, way back when the game first opened, it has come to my attention that some, if not most, of you don't know they even exist. To remedy that, I'll be putting them into a 'Memories' section of the main game.

And just because, here are the links to each of those threads. Just so you all know, they are all extremely long and one, the one where Harry does Crucio Remus (what you thought I was joking? That actually happened!) isn't finished because, truthfully, it's a painful thing to write and I take forever when it gets to my turn. It's getting there though.

The Snake and the Lycanthrope: Remus Lupin and Severus Snape meet for the first time since the death of Dumbledore and we find out what Snape's real role in this has been and will be.

Nowhere Else To Turn: Remus faces off with Peter Pettigrew, killing off the only other Marauder left, and turns to the only person he can - a certain Metamorphagus we all know and love.

An Unforgivable Request: Where Harry turned to Remus to help him learn the Unforgivables only to find out the request comes with conditions. (In progress, but almost complete.)

The Best Way to Destroy an Enemy is to Make Him a Friend: Where Harry & Draco beat each other bloody and are forced to talk about it...and where Harry gets his 'Joaquin' lip scar. (This is in two parts. You'll need to back out after the 'fight' part is done to get to the 'talk' part.)

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us: The Final Battle - Harry vs. Voldemort.

I hope you all enjoy them and they help to see where this world came from and how it was established, as well as some insight into the characters involved and how they came to be who they are.

-Tiff and the rest of The Admin team