January 7th, 2008


I live! I got Presents!!

I'm here! Finally! Kids are back to school and life is as "normal" as it ever gets. Hubby is out of town for a week on a work-training thing, so I'm single-parenting, but that means shorter work-hours, so I should have time to finally catch-up and play again!

Kimberly - I *will* be responding to Draco's owl. I think we need to email-dialog where these boys are because obviously this rift is going to be huge. Loads of fun for angst. Severus' heart is breaking. I hope for his sake that it won't be a 'forever' rift, but he does not grovel easily! *giggle*

I feel so awful. If you talked to me during the month of December about plotting, you will need to refresh my memory. I know Molly wanted Severus' involvement in something, and I need to at least talk about the progress of lycanthropic-scarring-research and recovery with muns for Caleb and Anne and figure out where we want-to-have come by now and where we want to go.

Politics in-game!! We have an Arthur! I hope like heck we still have our Lucius and Narcissa in addition to our Draco! Who's up for a Run for the Ministry for Magic? Yay!!

So. While I have been too lazy/busy/depressed to think about rpgs, I did manage to finish my Snupin Santa story I had to write by my November 1 deadline. Therefore, I got presents!! Including fabulous icons to use for this game!! (which I've already uploaded - does anyone have time to help me figure out how to use the banners on Severus' personal journal page??)

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I see that Alex is leaving us! *sob* I feel very sorry for me/us/the game because she will be desperately missed - but I hope she is having the most joyful time of her life *ever*, and will long to see her when she has time to pop in and out.

Love you guys! Gotta get some house-holdy stuff done here for a bit, and then it is game-focus-time galore!


Welcome Ashe and Isadora!

Everyone, please join me in welcoming Ashe to our game.  She brings with her an original character, Isadora, a MWPP-era Slytherin from a well to do pureblood family.

Please friend her journal at sleep_to_die.

Welcome Ashe!   Feel free to formally introduce yourself whenever you have a chance. :-)