January 10th, 2008


Caught up?

Hey guys!

For the first time in almost two months, I *think* I am caught up on almost all of my outstanding tags! This means, if you are waiting for a tag from me (and you are not JL), then I have 'lost' the email notification that says I owe you. Please email me or reply here with the link of where I need to be.

I did 'give up' on a few very, very old threads, like casual chatting ones from July and such - if you want to carry on in those threads, again, ping me.

I want/need to talk to Kimberly about Draco plottage, Sam about Lucius things, Claire about Narcissa and Anne, and Amber about plans with Molly (and yes, Severus will be at Arthur's birthday party - though I think you should post regular OoC reminders so we don't all forget!) I'd also like to talk to Ambrica/Bellatrix about getting some animosity going. :)

Snape's main game-focus at the moment is werewolf-research, getting ready to return to teaching, the Viewer manufacturing, and he is probably willing to help stir the political pot in regards to getting rid of these damn collars if/when Arthur and Lucius throw their hats into the proverbial ring!

We still have a little more than a week for the game-wide 'roll call' to be complete, and then we'll know what characters we need to start recruiting for again.

If anyone wants to talk plotting with Snape, feel free to email me. Be aware that with present real-life time constraints and so many active plots already promised to folks, he probably can't get enmeshed in anything "huge" for a while.