January 18th, 2008


Welcome Livey with Jewllian Mayfair!

Here is a MWPP-aged OC for you to really sink your teeth into! Or by whom to be bitten, should you prefer.

Anyone need a Barrister? Not that Jewllian would be pleased to be of assistance . . .

Want to make use of his herbological hobby?

Curious to interact with someone educated at Durmstrang?

Please add bleedtotouch to your flists, ping Livey and get plotting!

Welcome Livey!
solice / breathing

Introduction Redux.

Hello my darling comrades.

First off, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Olivia, though most commonly Livey, and I bring with me my most precious character Jewllian. I'll get to him in a minute! I am absolutely thrilled to be joining you all! All of you are such talented writers. Though I must admit that my first attraction to the game was the application. I'm a bit of a sadist that way, I suppose.

Currently I'm working at a barista at Starbucks. So glamorous, right? And as my manager doesn't seem to like giving people consistent shifts, the times I'm usually on varies from week to week between mornings and evenings. Never fear, though, I'm here quite often! The quickest ways to reach me are through my messengers; want you bleeders on aim, driprubies on Y!IM, and driprubies@hotmail.com on MSN/Windows Live. Though that doesn't at all mean I neglect my email, which is paintedredwindows@gmail.com.

And if it hasn't been at all obvious by the nature of my messenger names, I'm a hopeless and quite embarrassing fan of Sweeney Todd.

Now to my dearest Jewllian, characterized by the illustrious and delicious Johnny Depp (of whom I'm also a hopeless fan of)! As mentioned by our lovely admins, he is an alumnus of Durmstrang, a barrister, and possessor of a rather unique herbology hobby. Your character would probably know him if they were/are at all involved in the ministry or politics, if not only by name. He was quite respected as a barrister before he left during the second war. Please, for the love of my amusement, seek his legal advice or service! I promise he won't be too rude! As a herbologist (a title given to himself, not really by profession) he has a rather nefarious interest and grows mostly rare plants and those likely frowned upon by the ministry. I'd imagine he'd be quite a resource to those of a potion/herbology/and quite possibly medical profession! His heritage is also quite notably of a dark nature, though none of his family were actually Death Eaters. But please, don't let that get in the way of our current DEs from trying to recruit him.

Though I'm sure I just gave you entirely enough information, please feel free to look over his profile, just as soon as I get all the information up in a fashionable way!

And I do believe I'll stop now before this becomes so painfully long that none of you will read it! Please, please, please don't hesitate to speak with me. I look forward so much to plotting with you all, and desperately hope you will find some use of Jewllian!
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