February 4th, 2008

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Guess who!!?!?!? *waves*

Oh my dear FI people, I actually found myself with nothing to do and tried desperately to ignore the twitch in my fingers that was leading me towards the slow and evil pc on the floor in the corner of the lounge room.

I miss you all. And I see so many new faces, I really can't help but be a little jealous! You all know how I love new faces.

I actually got to catch up with our favourite Sam (Lucius) not long ago. Now that's a girl that can DRINK!

So this is me, checking in, letting you know I'm still alive, not doing anything Lisa wouldn't want me to and living up a storm in London town.

And to all the people who have no clue who this is, I'm very sorry but I'm suffering a great deal trying to rid my brain of this game and I hope you forgive me.

Miss you :(
Cute Scruff

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Hi guys! Sorry for being off all weekend. I had some personal stuff going on and couldn't really post. But now that's cleared up and over, and I'm back on the job! So Harry and Charlie will be catching up with everyone. Sorry if I frustrated anyone with my absence for a couple days.