February 5th, 2008


Pancake Day!

Whoop, pancakes!

I don't know if this is a UK thing, or whether you guys across the pond do this as well...But just a heads up:

Today is pancake day (Shrove Tuesday), which means lots of people all over the country will be making pancakes for their tea =D It's traditionally the time of getting rid of all your ingredients before the start of Lent, which is officially tomorrow. I'm giving up chocolate!

So if your character is muggle-born (I'm not sure this applies to purebloods, since it's religion-based, who knows) they will likely be purchasing eggs and flour, and maybe deciding what to give up for Lent.

I'm Home!

Surgery is over!

I'm home and feeling fine. Everything is very blurry right now, and I am supposed to sleep for at least two hours, so off to bed for me. But everything went fine, and even with the 'foggy' sensation normal, they told me, I can see faces and lettering on my eye drops and stuff clearly.

Thanks for all the warm-wishes. David will fix my typos. I'll see you guys later!