February 6th, 2008


OH. My Goodness - update!

For all you lovely people wishing me well as I prepared to Lasik - I just had my day-after follow up appointment.

My "old" vision was 20/800 for distance. (a weird measurment that sort of compares personal vision/normal vision. What I could only see at 20 feet, a 'normal' person could see at 800 feet.

My "old" vision was 20/200 for reading/up close. My severe astigmatism made even my 'normal' range, like right in front of my nose, very watery looking and distorted. There was no distance that I could see anything, even faces, clearly.

My brand-new vision is still 'foggy', like looking through a cloudy contact lens. This is the cornea flap they made and will clear as it heals.

However, my brand-new visual acuity is...

Drumroll, please...

20/15 in my Right eye (which used to be my worst vision) and
20/20 in my Left.

I'm still crying tears of happiness! I can't believe it.

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I've never had any medical procedure that was easier, more comfortable, or so dramatically changed my life.

While everyone will obviously have different experiences with anything, I can not imagine ever NOT being thrilled that I've had this done.

And the tears of happiness only help keep my eyes moist and speed the healing. *grin*
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