February 11th, 2008


An Introduction is in Order

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jenna or Jenna-Katt whichever you prefer to type is perfectly fine, and I'll be playing Daphne Greengrass. I look forward to the gossip and drama she'll hopefully participate in. ^_^
On to the obligatory about me paragraph.
I'm 21- 22 in July. I work on my college campus for the Music, Dance and Theater Department- which is incredibly fun- and I also work for a seamstress who sells magnificent dresses that are usually Victorian inspired. Of course, I sew myself - making costumes mostly for Cosplays. Despite all that I'm actually a Biology major. >_>
I'm a well rounded nerd, as I've been rping since I was 9 or 10, I LARP, I enjoy all musical theater, I'm a computer gamer, I watch anime and participate in cosplays at cons, and I can talk psychology/philosophy with the best of them. ; )  I'm proud to be a gamer and nerd.
My AIM is listed pretty much everywhere so feel free to start chatting. I'm usually rather bored because of an internal need to multi-task.

Nice to meet everyone!
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Putting this here, too....

Because I don't know how many of you guys also watch the Lurkers Community. *grin*

Besides, I'm very proud of us for finally finishing this thread! *giggle*

Can you believe it?

Over a year later, and Mating Rituals of Snakes and Lions is finally complete! This was the 'first date' thread started on 'bonfire night' of 2006, for anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about.

More over, for anyone who is really, really new to watching the game, Intellectual Curiosity Meets Irrational Desires is the lead-up thread from Severus' PoV that helps to describe how he 'got there from here' with numerous links to related threads through the course of the game.

Not, of course, that anyone has to read any of that stuff, but people often want to know how something started. It's not very natural just to 'jump into' stuff, and believe it or not this has been a long, long time in the build up and not even the initial/primary intent of the two Muns involved. :)

So... just wanted to let you know since there were a bunch of folks who used to watch that date-thread, a long, long time ago. *grin*

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Just thought I'd put it out there that if any of you want good quality icons made of your character, I'd be happy to make them for you. I'm a media/comm. minor, so I'm very proficient in Photoshop CS!

Maybe some of you don't care about icons, I don't know. I'm crazy about them. I have to have the maximum number that I'm allowed, and they have to be amazing quality or else I die a little inside. ;)
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(no subject)

Hello all, I am playing Lavender Brown and hopefully I do her some justice. I'm definitely excited about participating in this rpg!

If you would like to contact me, I'm usually on AIM in the evenings. My sn is brownielav so feel free to IM me if you're bored or want to plot! : )