February 20th, 2008


Fiery Inception Plotting Chat!

Just a reminder that Friday is our "scheduled" Fiery Inception Chat-day! Though spontaneous Chats are always fun and welcomed, our 'official' chat gives people a chance to plan for them and try and be around or at least peek in when time permits.

We also try to at least periodically focus on plotting-things during the 'official' chats, in between the fun, giggly randomness that necessarily happens in a huge chat.

And never forget the fun of 'roll call'! *grin*

The chats are a fabulous way to meet your fellow players on a less-formal basis, find out who has time/desire to plot various things, find unique ways to bump into characters you've been wanting to interact with, etc.

Mark your calendars and watch the OoC community here. We will start the chat as early in the day as possible and put the chat-name here so you can invite yourself/join any time. I work until 4:30 CST on Friday and JL of course works that day as well, so if you guys are around before we have time to start it, please feel free to set one up and just post the name of it here in the OoC community.

The chat is run over AIM (compatible with Trillian and probably other similar chat-managers) so if you don't have an AIM address, you might want to think about getting one. It is never mandatory, but we find it really does enhance game communication.

Please make sure that your contact information is up-to-date here:
http://community.livejournal.com/inception_ooc/778.html so we can be sure to include you if you're around.

Hope to see you there!