February 27th, 2008


Adminly Announcements

Just a couple of quick adminly notices.

1. We have lots of new folks on the game and lots of fabulous activity and creativity going on! This is great and we LOVE IT! There are a few little things we need to remind people about just to help keep things organised and 'tidy'. These only apply to the entries on the main-game community. You can format your personal journal entries however you like, though lj-cuts are prefered there as well to keep everyone's friends pages from scrolling forever. :)

a) Please use LJ cuts so each entry has a relatively 'uniform' appearance.
b) Please label any and all threads posted to the Main-Game community with applicable information. All threads on the main game board ought to have a header. This format is the requested one to use where applicable:

Date: (this is game-date but correlates with present-date except for the year.)
Time: Specific or vague as you like - a precise time or 'afternoon', etc.
Characters Involved: Self-explanatory
Rating: Expected rating based on what you think will occur. Please change if the thread becomes more 'intense'.

And then your LJ-cut goes here

c) Please tag your threads for easy reference! Use any/all tags that apply to your thread.

2. Character-per-Mun Limits

It has been brought to our attention that sometimes a Mun has more time and creativity than things to do with even two characters. We really believe in game-quality over character-quantity, so we do not want to lift the character limits completely.

However, we have decided to increase the character-per-Mun limit on a case-by-case basis with the following considerations:

A player must be active and visible on the game for a minimum of two weeks with their first character before they can be considered for a second.

The player must then show consistent activity and ability to balance two characters without neglecting one or the other for a minimum of one month before being considered for a third.

At this time, three is our maximum and we do not foresee being willing to extend that further. At this time we have not decided how to divide cannon-vs-original among these three, though the present discussion is that only one of the three can be an Original Character. We are open to suggestions, opinions and comments on that topic. :)

Any questions? Just ask! :)