March 8th, 2008

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Hello everyone! My name is Jen. I will be taking over Katie Weasley. My primary method of communication is email, since I'm in Britian and usually not on when the rest of you lot are. If you would like to plot, please email me.

expectant; waiting

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I'm in the process of getting Pansy's profile information in order and pretty, so until then, if you have any questions about Pansy's history at school, personality, etc., just ask me on aim at littleliterary or by e-mail at!

I'm currently out of town, so I don't have time at the moment to transfer the application information over to the user info.

- Meg

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I am having a hard time with my family at the moment and I am wanting to move but can't. I am depress and I doubt I will stay in the game. If I am on I doubt I will be posting at all. If you want me gone that is fine. At the moment I really don't feel a thing.