March 17th, 2008

Just so ya'all know...

This weekend, for us NE folks, is AnimeBoston '08


For those of you who have lives and aren't big geeks like me, this is an anime convention, meaning Ashe gets all dolled up like an anime character for two days (This year, it's Yukari Hayasaka of Paradise Kiss), takes photos, buys things, and dances the night away at the raves.

Yup, I've been anticipating this event for a solid two months now. I'm looking forward to Kaiju Big Battel, and especially the PILLOWS coming to perform on Saturday xD My costume is very nearly complete and I just need to buy a few last minute accessories/groceries for the two-day hotel stay.

Obviously, I won't be anywhere near FI this weekend, and my availability this week is going to be kind of sketchy, as we're all still trying to work out all the last-minute bugs. But, I'll try my best to post nonetheless, and if you all care, I'll hopefully have lots of photos, too :D

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