March 19th, 2008


*waves goodbye*

Hi guys!

Sneaking on for a quick sec during my break at work - leaving as soon as I get home to take the family on a mini-holiday to the Omaha Zoo! Whee! I have no laptop and my hubby would be seriously displeased if I try to find the business-access-thing in the hotel, so you will simply have to survive without me for the next 48+ hours. *grin* We'll be home late-ish on Friday and I'll try to peek in at the chat.

My family does the Easter thing, so that will also take most of my weekend. After that, kids are back in school and grades have improved, so I *should* return to former levels of IM and game availability.

Please keep this weekend absence in mind if you need Admin stuff. Any 'big' decisions that need the full admin-team, including application decisions, will have to wait until Monday at the soonest.