March 20th, 2008



I am leaving in the morning to fly to LA to stay with Eve and see JL, Keri, and Alpha!!!

I will be there for a week, so my online time will be slightly weird- on some days, not around at all on others.  However, being the obsessive person that I am, there is no way I could stay away for a whole week, and am sure I will be checking in lots.

*is excited!!!*
stone faced

*Double Bounce*

 So, I too will not be around of Friday.  I will stop at the Tindell place in Victorville on my way down to LA.  And then I will get to meet Eve and Jessie,  and hopefully JL and AV.

I am not going to participate in the strike, just so everyone understands my silence is not because of the group protesting LIvejournal. I am not sure I agree with their reasons.

So, Fuji, I will be putting more up..

I will be checking the game during the day off and on as I stop.......Thanks!
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