March 24th, 2008

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Hello, everyone! I'm Gloria, and I'm new to this whole RP thing. I'm sure that makes you as nervous about me as I am about playing, so in the interest of ripping off the bandage fast I'm gonna jump on in and get my play on. Please PLEASE tell me if I miss the point or get anything wrong. 

And thanks! I'm looking forward to this. 


The con....was amazing. O__O

Just read my LJ for the whole scoop, I don't even want to babble again, 'cos I won't stop. Siriusly.

But um, I'll be back on in a few more days, I promise. You know the rockstar boy whom I've been friendly with for like 2 years? Yeah, I'm hanging out with him tomorrow night. And he said he got something special for me, and I really, REALLY want to know what it is, but he said it's a surprise and I'll have to wait.

*feels like Hachi or Misato from Nana....*

So yeah, I'll be trying to catch up xD
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