March 31st, 2008


Welcome Nymphadora Tonks!

Jenna-Katt, or Daphne Greengrass, has taken on Nymphadora Tonks! Congratulations Jenna!

Everyone please add alwayschanges to your flists!

Also, Christie, our Hannah Abbott, has taken on Blaize Zabini. Please watch here for the journal-name to add to your f-list.

For your convenience, the quick-add-friends command has been updated, and can be found here

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Spent the day with William at the hospital. He had a major psychiatric break down at the daycare. He has been moved to a behavioral health center in Atlanta.

I'm going to try my best to lose myself in my characters so I don't have to think about the hell my life is in right now. But I may not be able to promise anything for a couple of days.