April 4th, 2008


Game Wide Chat!!

Friday's Game-wide Chat is now open! The chat room is called filovesyou! Please feel free to invite yourself and other game-players to join any time!

I'm actually *off* all weekend! With almost NO away-from-home plans!! Yay! Time for me to catch up on game business! I have a couple of teensy things here and there, watch my away message and please feel free to 'ping' my away status and leave me messages as you need to!

*toddles off to try and write monthly newsletter...*
Mod Announcement

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Dearest fellow FI-participants,

We never, ever thought this day would come, but it has. As of today, we are closing our game to new applications, with the intention of winding down and closing the game, entirely, by June 15th. We want to give you, our existing players, the chance to try and tie up your existing plots and also perhaps find new homes for your characters in any of the other games 'out there'.

This has been an incredible experience and we have enjoyed getting to know each of you as creative writers and as friends. Unfortunately, it is simply no longer possible for us to continue to carry the administrative burden of this game. Additionally, we have poured so much of our hearts and souls and lives into this game, that to give it over to someone else to run would be like cutting out our own hearts.

The game will be locked on June 16, but will stand for you to reference at any time.

In keeping the game open until that time to allow you to play out your existing threads, we are extending the hand of trust that you will not do anything to sabotage the game world. Deliberate OoC behaviour or sabotage will result in immediate removal from posting-access to the game. We are trying to do this as painlessly as possible and will be here to assist in the transition in anyway we can.

It is especially painful to do this now, just as our own characters are reaching a plot-pinnacle on a personal level, but the stress simply cannot be borne any longer. Severus and Remus will be "written out" of Fiery Inception as they leave their Bonding celebrations. Whatever is done to finish out existing game plots, Severus and Remus will not be 'returning' to this game world. It can be assumed they have come back to finish their teaching obligations in the background, but they will not be involved in any future plots.

We know and understand that some - perhaps many! - of you will be hurt and angry over this decision, and for that we are deeply sorry. Sorry, too, for those folks who are very new and simply haven't had time to get to enjoy the incredible richness and depth that has been Fiery Inception.

I am certain that at least from my standpoint, I will never again be part of a rpg that has been so completely rich and vibrant and real in my heart and mind.

We would like to see Fiery Inception decline in a graceful swan-song of completed plots and 'happily ever afters' (or unhappily ever-afters as the case may be!) and wish each and every one of you all the best that the world and life has to offer. May your creativity continue to grow and flourish wherever you go.

With deepest affection and sincerity,
Lisa, JL and Adrianne