April 7th, 2008


(no subject)

Sadly, I will not be seeing Fiery Inception through to the end. I don’t have the heart to continue on the two plot arcs Molly is currently on with the knowledge that neither one will be fully played out, especially because they are both plots I’ve wanted to play out for quite some time now and most of the groundwork has been laid. It’s also for the best, as it’s the end of the semester for me, plus I’m taking spring courses so I won’t have the time in either May or June to do her justice as the game winds down. As for the post that went up for Arthur and Molly on Friday, it won't be completed as Mike and I have decided that it's no longer relevant, as it was going to be yet another groundwork thread for one of the plots.

Thank you for the wonderful experience of the past year, as I truly have enjoyed playing here, and even had something completely unexpected come out of it.