subtle_simmer (subtle_simmer) wrote in inception_ooc,

More Family/Kid Pictures

Just got back our christmas pictures done this year.
This is hubby and I, the first pic we've had done just the two of us since our wedding. ;)
This is just the four kids, first time we've gotten them to all be in a picture without us.
This is the family christmas picture.
And this one is a 'fun' picture of the four kids which we had turned into a very large, narrow, faces-only picture which hangs vertically in our dining room now, that is 15 inches wide by 40 inches tall, and is soooo cute.

Notice the little stuffed tiger that Ethan is clinging to in all the pictures? This 'Tigger' was given to him by my oldest and dearest friend only hours after he was born, while I was still in the hospital. He has slept with it *every day* since, and it has been in *every picture* (or cropped out of every picture) we have had taken since then. I'm just as attached to Tigger as he is, and will be very sad when my baby outgrows needing his 'Tigger'. ;)

Okay, 'nuf mom-gushing now.
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