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18 August 2007 @ 10:31 pm
Admin Ruling as to Deathly Hallows and its Effect on Fiery Inception  
Four week moratorium is over! Yay! Spoiler ban is lifted, game-wide, so if you have not finished reading Deathly Hallows, what's wrong with you? More importantly, read at your own risk from now on!

After discussion among the admin team, and taking into account player opinion in the discussion topic here, we have made administrative decisions regarding the core points.

The important thing to remember is that fiery_inception has always been canon-compliant with all events through the end of Halfblood Prince and AU after. We have never tied our characters/players rigidly to any ship, story line or even political loyalty as long as they could justify the deviation from canon.

We consider Deathly Hallows as primarily a reference tool to help flesh-out the wizarding world around us as we play.

1. No Hallows. There is just too much to be 'messed with' here. As an admin-headache standpoint, we don't mind there being the legend of the unbeatable wand, resurrection stone, etc., but we don't want to have to deal with their factual existence in-game. It would alter too much of existing storyline and change the over-all flavour of the game.

2. Even though we are not using the hallows, per se, Harry still has the only 'perfect' invisibility cloak. This gives us more freedom, admin-wise, to allow other players to have "normal" ones without fearing that there will be too many 'invincible' characters out there. :)

3. No werewolf traits passed to babies. This ties into other werewolf things that apply to our game. We realise Remus, in-canon, was panicked over the future of his son, but lycanthropy is a *curse*, not a viral disease and certainly not a genetic trait. If babies could be 'infected' through their werewolf father, than no werewolf could take a 'lover' without infecting him/her.

Greyback was able to mildly 'infect' Bill because it was his active intent to *wound* and curse and damage. In the RPG gang I hang out with, we would refer to this as "PFM" - pure f----ing magic. A curse must carry the weight of intent behind it to be transmitted.

3 a) Female werewolves, at this time, cannot *have* babies, because the monthly transformation would kill the fetus - a wolf-womb is inadequate to safely carry a human baby. This is not 'carved in stone' - if a female werewolf character wanted to roleplay the time investment, we would entertain a research process that might be able to circumvent this problem, similar to what Snape did with June's eyes over nine-months of in-game research time.

3 b) Male werewolves can father children, as we have seen in canon, but no 'werewolf' traits are passed to the children.

4. No flying without broomstick or mount. JL didn't even realise this was the intention behind the 'flying' scenes of Voldemort and the one time Snape appears to have done it as well when he flees Hogwarts. This is very unclear, not remotely explained, and just... odd. We don't want to have to try and define it and then police it, so we are just not going to have it here. Sorry. heh.

5. Most of the very major Death Eater events that would affect existing game-plots did not occur. For example, Snape was never "Headmaster" of Hogwarts, and the Carrows never had control there. Death Eaters did infiltrate the Ministry, but did not have absolute control there.

5 a) No Muggle-born Protection Act/Registry - we feel this would have made existing characters far less willing to accept/be apathetic about our registry system here at the game, and therefore this is not part of the history of this game. Whether it possibly becomes part of the future of this game depends on whether or not our Pureblood Supremacist movement gains control of the Ministry for Magic. *grin*

6. Existing player-characters at Fiery Inception do not *have* to keep anything from Deathly Hallows. We will not be killing off/marrying off any characters just because they are dead/got married in canon.

Personal Character Issues

Players are welcome to adapt any portions of Deathly Hallows to their own characters whenever they can do so without affecting any other currently-played character or in-game history.

If it affects more than just your own character, then please discuss with the other Muns to find a reasonable compromise for your characters. The Malfoys are welcome to have endured some degree of 'House Arrest' and misery during the war, Kimberly can alter Draco's profile to reflect this more specific information regarding his torment during his time there until he was able to escape. The Malfoy trio can decide among themselves whether Narcissa was there or whether she was hidden away as was decided by the first Draco mun ages ago when there was no Narcissa mun. :)

The only thing that needs to be 'kept' to some degree is Draco's eventual 'escape' from that situation into the shelter/aid/influence of the Order for a few months at the very end of the war, because that particular portion affects a great many other characters as well.

We will try to be flexible and allow some wiggle-room if you want to 'negate' some past history in favour of the new canon - within reason. Molly doesn't get to have 'killed' Bellatrix, for example, obviously, but she can have been involved in fighting her at the final battle. Ooops! Bellatrix was already in St. Mungo's at that time! Sorry, I forgot. But you get the general point, anyway.

Because we have a final-battle written for Fiery Inception, and some of that completely affects everything which has gone since, we will need to do what we can to 'blend' the two scenarios so people can keep the bits that are important to them. I believe Carolyn wanted to keep the 'almost-death' of Harry prior to the final moment. I also personally like that, of all the 'unforgivables', Harry never uses the 'Killing Curse'. ;)

Most of the things will probably be pretty self-explanatory. If it contradicts several in-game story lines, then it probably needs to be skipped, if not, it can be adapted.

White peacocks, anyone?

Please note: As you decide what to alter of your character's profile based on new canon, please make a note here in OoC to tell your fellow Muns what is being kept, and also please edit your character profile in your user-info to indicate new/edited information based on Deathly Hallows.
Anne Shephard: smileanneshephard on August 19th, 2007 11:00 am (UTC)
Anne Shephard: smileanneshephard on August 19th, 2007 11:02 am (UTC)
Also Narcissa is angry rhat she's getting cheated out of saving the world, but you can all just ignore her.
Fred and George Weasley: Double troubleredheadedjokers on August 19th, 2007 02:57 pm (UTC)
Just for clarification... Fred is obviously NOT dead. In fact he's gotten rather vocal, in my head, since JKR killed him.

And George has not been maimed. He can't have had his left ear pierced, if it was blown off. ;)