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But I never post here at LJ anymore except for the game, so I thought I'd share my thoughts from my most recent grumblings at JKR, here. I use Insane Journal for my general journaling and fanfic writing stuff now. I'm shanti_writes over there if anyone has/uses Insane journal.

Anyway, my ramblings:

I am soooooo out of the loop.

Frankly, I'm glad of it, most of the time.

I have a general rule of thumb towards ignoring anything JKR says in any given interview. I am not a rabid JKR "leave my fandom alone, I hate you" person. I still think she is a brilliant author and give her Harry Potter works full credit and undying gratitude for re-awakening my creativity and love of writing that work, life, and kids had successfully squashed into the realm of forgetfulness for years.

I also think that the popularity of her own world took her entirely by surprise. I think the characters took on a life of their own. I think the complexity of the universe meant that she often changed her mind - I meant do to this, but later decided to do that - like with who she intended to 'kill' and who had the 'reprieve', etc. I think this is why she so often clearly she forgets what she said, when, and contradicts herself from one interview to the next.

Personally, I don't think this makes her a horrible writer or a horrible person, though I have seen valid arguments throughout my flist that have decried her as both. I think it makes her endearingly human, and I honestly love and respect her all the more for it. If I had people interviewing me constantly about any given subject - even something I knew well (what year was your oldest son born?) - I would be bound to forget/screw up/whatever from time to time.

I don't get annoyed with her over her interview foibles, though I do avoid reading them because I feel embarrassed for her. She needs a personal assistant somewhere out of fandom, whispering in her ear through an invisible ear-piece, to remind her of the tidbits she's forgotten but that her fans will nitpick her for, forever.

Basically, The Harry Potter "Canon" is now finished with the release of DH, for my own personal mind-set and fandom world-view. I did not hate DH, despite her willy-nilly, apparently senseless killing-off of many of my favourite characters. I hated bits of it, but mostly I was very impressed that she so completely managed to tie-up so many loose-ends. One of my last posts at LJ before they decided to wank all over themselves there, was my personal love/hate discussion of DH, complete with my explanation of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes Death Defying Dopplegangers - which will be in a fanfic someday. I've re-read the book several times now, so my love/hate lists have changed some. I've become very annoyed with Dumbledore, now that we have the whole picture, for example. But still - my love/hate is with the character, which to me suggests how very well-written the majority of the books/characters are.

But, for me, Harry Potter 'canon' is over. She is "out of the sandbox" for the things I want to write/play with. If/when she writes her own sort of Lexicon or Encyclopedia, I will not be buying it/reading it. I don't want to know what happened for this or that character - I want to be free to imagine and play in fandom with the gaps and holes she has left us - and make my own gaps and holes where she didn't seem to leave any! (Snape, Lupin, Fred Weasley dead?? NEVER!)

Which means, I am horribly out of the loop. I almost never went to JKR's personal website, though I have referenced the Lexicon countless times. I had no idea JKR was suing the Lexicon. There was a very interesting article about it floating around on my flist at IJ. (Thank you, the_con_cept for posting this.)

NOW I feel a little annoyed with my heroine. She is already richer than the Queen of England. Is it now necessary to attempt to become control-freakish over something apparently relatively trivial? Particularly when she has been so very, very accommodating to fandom in general and fanfiction, specifically?

No, really. She has!! Think about it:

There are few other authors who not only allow and encourage but even almost advertise the existence of fanfiction making use of their characters and worlds while they themselves are still actively writing their stories. Anne Rice, anyone? Yet JKR has done this on a number of occasions in interviews. She has said said she spent some of her 'time off' between GoF and OotP reading Harry Potter fanfiction and other fan-related sites. When asked if she was going to write a 'prequel' about the first war or the Marauders, she has said that she has no intention to, but that people should read some of the fanfiction out there which very creatively deals with those years. There have been a number of such occasions.

Compare this to authors who threaten lawsuits and copywright infringements on anyone who dares to dabble in their world.

JKR still has an enormous portion of my respect, my deep admiration and my gratitude. But I can't help but think that everyone might be better served if she just stepped away from everything for a while. I have no doubt that she is experiencing some degree of ambivalence and even a sort of grief-process at being now 'finished' with something so enormous that has taken so much of her life and energy. I am absolutely certain that these characters and this world represent a good portion of her heart and soul. But I think she needs a break so she can clear her mind, think rationally, and move on to the next outlet for her creativity.

The bloom is fading from the rose.

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